Timeline dating from 3500 BCE
Date  Event
3500 Settlement near Gibon Spring
1800 Binding of Isaac Mount Moriah
c 1200 Joshua conquers Israel
c 1004 David King conquers Jerusalem
960 King Solomon builds first Temple
722 Tiglath Pileser III of Assyria conquers Israel
712 Shiloah Tunnel built by King Hezekiah
586 Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia destroys Temple
538 Cyrus of Persia conquers Babylonia
537 Jews return to Jerusalem
516 Temple rebuilt
332 Alexander the Great conquers Israel
167 Maccabean Revolt
164 Judah Macabee recaptures Jerusalem
63 Pompey conquers Israel for Rome
37 Herod begins to rebuild Second Temple
20CE Herod Antipas founds Tiberias
0-30 Life of Jesus
67-70 Jewish revolt, Romans destroys Temple
c.70 R. Yochanan ben Zakkai – yeshiva at Yavne
132-135 Bar Kochba revolt R Akiva killed
324 Emperor Constantine adopts Christianity
339 Constantine enacts decree against Jews
351 Jewish revolt against Byzantine rule
359 Calculation of Jewish calendar finalized
361-363 Reign of Julian the Apostate
c400 Compilation of Jerusalem Talmud completed
527 Reign of Justianus, anti-Jewish decrees
571 Mohamed born
613-617 Persians occupy Gailee destroy churches
638 Muslims conquer Jerusalem
640 Battle of the Yarmuk
691 Dome of Rock built
701 Al-Aqsa Mosque built
1010 Caliph al-Hakin destruction of synagogues
c1050 Druze religion established
1099 Crusaders conquer Jerusalem
1187 Saladin defeats Crusaders – Horns of Hattin
1222 Maimonides buried in Tiberias
1260 Mameluks capture Jerusalem
1267 Rabbi Moshe Ben Nahman arrives in Israel
1275 Marco Polo stops in Israel on way to China
1291 Mamelukes defeat Crusaders at Akko
1517 Ottoman Turks conquer Israel
1527-1542 Sultan Suleiman rebuilds Jerusalem walls
1700 Rabbi Yehuda HaHassid starts Hurva Synagogue
1892 Railway connects Jerusalem to coast
1914-1918 World War I
1917 British Mandate
1936-1939 Arabs riots throughout Israel
1939-1945 Word War II
1946 Night of the Bridges – Yarmuk River
1948 British Mandate ends
1948 Israel declares Independence May 15
1956 Suez crisis
1953-1964 National water carrier built
1967 Six Day War
1973 Yom Kippur War


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