Century Timeline

Century Timeline 1917-2017

Date Event
1917 Britain seizes Palestine from Ottomans. Balfour Declaration.
1920 San Remo Allied Powers conference grants Palestine to Britain
1922 Britain separates Transjordan from Mandate Palestine, forbids Jewish settlement.
1939 British government White Paper limits Jewish migration.
1940s Nazi Holocaust mass migration to Palestine
1947 United Nations recommends partition of Palestine.
1948 Israel declares independence.
1948-1949 Arab-Israeli war. Jordan annexes West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, Egypt occupies Gaza.
1949-1960s Up to a million Jewish refugees from Muslim countries, plus 250,000 Holocaust survivors, settle in Israel.
1948-1977 Centre-left dominates coalition governments, initially under Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.
1956-1957 Suez Crisis, UN buffer set up in Sinai and Gaza, Israeli shipping allowed through Suez Canal.
1957 Israel begins to build nuclear reactor at Dimona in the Negev desert.
1961 Trial and execution of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.
1962 Concerns about the Middle Eastern balance of power prompt the USA to sell Israel missiles.
1966 When France halts arms supplies to Israel the United States increases sales.
1964 National Water Carrier completed brings water from the Jordan to the Negev.
1966 SY Agnon wins Nobel Prize for Literature.
1967 Six Day War
1972 Munich Massacre Palestinian ‘Black September’ take the Israeli team hostage at the Olympics.
1973 Yom Kippur War – Egypt and Syria launch co-ordinated attack against Israel.
1974 Gush Emunim movement formed to promote Jewish religious settlements
1976 Entebbe Airport rescue frees over 100 hostages held by Palestinian gunmen.
1977 May Menachem Begin wins surprise election victory.
1977 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat visits Jerusalem.
1981 June Israeli Air Force raid destroys nuclear reactor at Osirak in Iraq.
1982 June Lebanon conflict
1984 November Ethiopian Jews rescue begins. Operation repeated in 1991.
1987 First Intifada. Muslim Brotherhood forms Hamas movement.
1988 Israel launch satellites with Ofek reconnaissance probe.
1990 Soviet Union allows Jews to emigrate to Israel.
1991  Gulf War. Iraq fires Scud missiles at Israel.
1991 Madrid conference brings Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestinian together.
1993 Prime Minister Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat sign Oslo Declaration.
1994 May-July Israel withdraws from Gaza and the West Bank city of Jericho.
1994 June Arafat moves PLO administration from Tunis and sets up Palestinian National Authority.
1994 October Jordan and Israel sign peace treaty.
1994 December Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
1995 September Rabin and Arafat sign Interim Agreement for transfer of power and territory to Palestinians.
1995 November Yitzhak Rabin assassinated. Shimon Peres becomes prime minister.
1996 May Netanyahu pledges to halt further concessions to Palestinians.
1999 May Ehud Barak pledges to move ahead with talks with Palestinians and Syria.
2000 May Israel withdraws from southern Lebanon.
2000 July Talks between Prime Minister Barak and Yasser Arafat break down.
2000 September Ariel Sharon visits Temple Mount which leads to wave of Palestinian violence.
2001 January Talks fail in Taba, Egypt.
2002 March-May Operation Defensive Shield on West Bank after spate of Palestinian suicide bombs.
2002 June Israel begins building barrier near West Bank aimed at stopping Palestinian attacks.
2003 June Proposed road map to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
2005 September Israel withdraws from Gaza.
2006 July-August Second Lebanon War in response to deadly Hezbollah attack and abduction of soldiers.
2007 September Israeli Air Force destroys nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.
2007 November Two-state solution’ proposed at Annapolis Conference between Israel and Palestinians.
2008 December Gaza conflict to prevent Hamas and other groups from launching rockets into Israel.
2009 January Discovery of major offshore natural gas deposits.
2010 September Talks resume and falter between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
2011 October Hamas release Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 prisoners.
2012 November Military campaign against Gaza after months of escalating rocket attacks.
2013 July Talks resume with Palestinians but reach no conclusions.
2013 December Israel, Jordan and Palestinian Authority sign agreement to save the Dead Sea from drying up.
2014 January Energy Minister Silvan Shalom attends renewable energy conference in Abu Dhabi.
2014 July-August Israel responds to attacks by armed groups in Gaza.
2015 May Netanyahu forms new coalition government.
2017 January Palestinian drives a truck into a crowd in Jerusalem, killing four soldiers.