Zichron Moshe Synagogue בית הכנסת חסד ורחמים

The Zichron Moshe Synagogue is near to Mechane Yehuda market in Jerusalem in the old Mazkeret Moshe neighborhood on Carmel Street.
The building was originally a two-room apartment and a courtyard. It was then sold and turned into a tavern. One day a butcher named Yitzhak Armoza entered the tavern and put 10 coins on the table, and requested that the tavern was replaced by a synagogue. The synagogue became the centre of Agudat Chesed and Rachamim which were established in 1925 by Sephardic families. This association had a soup kitchen, a kindergarten and a health fund called Mazor, which provided medical services to the needy by volunteer medical personnel.

Over the years, the rooms and courtyard were combined into one long hall. The synagogue has a wall with a picture of the Western Wall that was painted by the artist A Novak in the 1950s. In the 80’s, Winston Doll installed the windows and stained-glass windows. The themes of the windows include the Jewish holidays, musical instruments and holy places. The synagogue also features decorations of the 7 species. At the entrance door you can see the symbols of the 12 tribes that were designed by the artist Zehava Binyamin, as well as the words of ‘Eshet Chayil’ designed by the artist Khalil Sa’ada. In 1917, the artist Meir Amar added captions depicting the creation of the world.