Trumpeter Finch

The trumpeter finch is a small, long-winged bird. It has a large head and short, very thick bill. The summer male has a red bill, grey head and neck, and pale brown upper parts. The breast, rump and tail are pink, the last having dark terminal feathers. Winter males, females and young birds are a very washed-out version of the breeding male. The song of this bird is a buzzing nasal trill, like a tin trumpet.

Trumpeter Finch 1

Common name: Trumpeter Finch
Hebrew name: חצוצרן מדבר
Latin Name: Bucanetes githagineus
Length: 11-12 cm
Diet: Insects
Habitat: Common in the deserts of Israel,rare at mt Hermon
Common location: Sinai
Notes: Found in Sde-Boker,Mitzpe Ramon,dead sea area