Rachel – Rabbi Akiva’s Wife

Rachel was the daughter of the wealthy Kalba Savua. Seeing the potential in Akiva an ignorant worker of her father, she secretly married him. Her father disowned Rachel for this and they lived in complete poverty. She let her husband go away and study Torah for 24 years, allowing him to become the famous Tana Rabbi Akiva. After realizing the true stature of his son-in-law, Kalba Savua nullified his vow and Rachel once again became wealthy. Rachel the wife of Rabbi Akiva is buried in Southern Tiberias where many women visit her tomb.
The tomb of Rachel Wife of Rabbi Akiva is located in Southern Tiberius in close proximity to the old city cemetery. Each year on the Hillulah of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner who is buried a few minutes away, the Nanachs organize a celebration that takes place in Kever Rachel.