Rabbi Ishmael ben Jose

Ishmael ben Jose (רבי ישמעאל ברבי יוסי‎) was a Tanna of the beginning of the 3rd century, son of Jose ben Halafta. Ishmael served as a Roman official together with Elazar ben Simon, and was instrumental in suppressing the Jewish renegades during the war between Severus and Pescennius Niger. He was greatly resented by the Jews, who never forgave him for handing over fellow Jews to the Roman authorities for execution (Bava Metzia 84a). In halakic literature he is known by his citations of his father’s sayings which he transmitted to Judah I, with whom he read Lamentations and the Psalms (Lam. Rab. ii. 420; Midr. Teh. iii. 1).