Rabbi Dovid HaNagid

רבי דוד הנגיד בר’ אברהם הנגיד
Hillula: 1st of Elul
Rabbi Dovid HaNagid was the son of Rabbi Avraham and grandson of the Rambam.   After his father died in 1237, he replaced him as leader of Egyptian Jewry until his death with the exception of 5 years during which he was expelled from his position.
There are three books whose authorship is attributed to Rabbi Dovid HaNagid; ‘Drashos Rebbe Dovid’, a commentary on ‘Perkay Avos’ and a commentary on the prophetic book of the child Nachman of Bram. Rabbi Dovid HaNagid passed away in Egypt in 1300 and was brought to burial in Tiberias in the vicinity of his grandfather the Rambam and his great grandfather Rabbi Maimon.