Tzadik Tombs

Rambam (Rabbi Moshe ben Maymon) tomb

Probably one of the most famous tomb in Israel . The Rambam was a scholar, Rabbi and doctor who was born in Cordova, moved to Marocco and then Egypt. Tradition says that prior to his death he ordered his son to bury him in Israel, and so his son brought him to Israel and let his camel walk and decide where to bury him. The camel stopped in Tiberias where the Rambam and his father were buried.

At the entrance you will find the tombs of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zacai, and some Tanaim rabbis.

Location: Tiberias city centre, next to Egged bus station

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness Tomb

Situated at the southern part of Tiberias along the sea of Galilee coast, is this magnificent tomb. A synagogue split in two (Ashkenazi and Spharadic) was built above the tomb, where a special festival (Hilula) is held on every second Passover.

Location: Up the hill  above Hamei Tverya.

Open during daylight hours