Naharayim – Peace Island

Naharayim (Hebrew: נהריים‎ literally “Two rivers”) or Baqoura (Arabic: الباقورة‎‎) is a site on the border between Israel and Jordan where the Yarmouk River flows into the Jordan River.

A hydroelectric power-plant operated at Naharayim from 1932.


The plant, established by Pinhas Rutenberg, produced much of the energy consumed in Mandatory Palestine until the 1948 war of Independence. The canals and dams built for the power-plant created a man-made island.

The remains of the power station are part of the Jordan River Peace Park on the Island of Peace on the Israel-Jordan border. The project is spearheaded by the trilateral NGO EcoPeace Middle East, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Amman.