Gan HaShlosha National Park

Gan HaShlosha National Park is a beautiful site with hot spring natural pools. There are both shallow and deep swim areas suitable for all levels of swimmers. There are also waterfall showers. It one of Israel’s most beautiful a national park in Israel. Located near Beit She’an, it has naturally warm water where you can swim all year.

The spring water is a constant temperature of 28 degrees Celsius all year-round. Amal Stream, which crosses the park, has been widened into pools.

There is an old water-powered mill at the site. Next to it is a restored ‘madafeh’, Arab hospitality room. Also in the park is a model of Tel Amal, one of the Tower and Stockade settlements set up by Jewish pioneers on the night of 10 December 1936 after the British banned Jewish settlement.

You may also wish to visit the Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology which is situated within the park and houses a display of rare Greek tools, artefacts from excavations in the Beit She’an Valley and an exhibit about the Etruscans.

Names :Gan HaShlosha National Park, גן השלושה‎,  ‘Park of the three’, Sahne, لساخنة‎, ‘The hot’.