Beit Tzaida Reserve

Biet SiedaThe nature reserve includes the ancient town of Beit Saida. There is a path to the left of the ticket office which leads to the archaeological site. The stone with the cross about 20 meters up the road on the left is said to mark the spot where Jesus healed the blind. When Herod’s son Philip built up this small Jewish fishing village in 30 CE he renamed the town Livia in honour of Augustus Caesar’s wife. Josephus was wounded here in a clash with the Romans during the revolt of 66 CE. The Romans destroyed the town and it was never rebuilt.

Kayaks are available for rental which includes transport from the end of the route back to the rental station.
Names:  Bethsaida from Hebrew בית צידה beth-tsaida, means house of hunting or fishing.
Coordinates: 32.910°N 35.631°E