Chanukah Quiz


#1. What does driedel mean?

#2. What does the נ stand for/mean in Yiddish?

#3. What does the ג stand for / mean in Yiddish?

#4. What does theש stand for / mean in Yiddish?

#5. What does the word “Chanukah” mean?

#6. What do the letters on the dreidel (nun, gimmel, hey, shin) stand for?

#7. What’s the Chanukah Megillah called?

#8. What is date of the earliest mention of the Chanukah Megillah?

#9. Where was the Chanukah Megillah first published?

#10. When did the Chanukah story take place?

#11. Rosh Chodesh for which month occurs on the 6th night of Chanukah?

#12. The Chanukah candles must burn for at least

#13. 16. Jews who assimilated into Greek culture were called:

#14. Who was the Greek-Syrian leader that took harsh steps to destroy Judaism?

#15. The patriarch of the Maccabee clan was:

#16. Another name for the Maccabees is:

#17. The Syrian-Greek army was famous for its use of:

#18. What is the name of the courageous Jewish woman who defied the Greeks and killed one of their generals?

#19. The Syrian-Greeks prohibited which mitzvot?

#20. What is the 8th day of Chanukah known as?