Tel Saki

Tel Saki was the site of one of the most critical battles of the Yom Kippur War. Attacked by 11,000 Syrian infantry soldiers and 900 tanks, 60 paratroopers and 45 tanks held off the Syrian army with determination and immense bravery for three days.
A small core of soldiers was in the trenches at the top of Tel Saki when the battle began. In a short time, they began to run low on ammunition. Two unsuccessful attempts to rescue the soldiers or reinforce the unit were attempted, and more lives were lost. One of the soldiers surrenders to the Syrians, claiming that he is the last soldier alive; he is taken to prison in Damascus. The third rescue attempt is finally successful, and the 35 soldiers lost their lives in this battle, three were taken as prisoners of war, and almost everyone else was injured. This memorial honors them.