Tefen Industrial Park

Tefen Industrial Park is is a symbol of industrial innovation and excellence. The Industrial Park lies at the heart of the Tefen Industrial Zone, where many dynamic export industries employ more than 5,000 employees and produce close to 10% of the industrial exports of Israel.

The Tefen Industrial Park was established in 1985, and has provided a supportive base for the growth of industries that have thrived and expanded in the region. Sandisk, a global market leader in flash memory devices, established a strategic development centre in Tefen. It is responsible for the company’s key product line that constitutes 70% of Sandisk sales worldwide. In 2012 the company constructed a facility alongside the Industrial Park to continue its successful expansion in the region.

The park hosts 20 innovative Israeli export firms, such as Stepac L.A., Plastmed and Kolsint. With its four museums, extensive sculpture garden, motor museum, visitors center and community programs, the park attracts 120,000 visitors a year.