Syrian Serin

Syrian Serin breeds on rocky mt slopes with trees and bushes .winters in the desert mountains and hillsides.

Syrian Serin 1


Common name: Syrian Serin
Hebrew name: בזבוז לבנון
Latin Name: Serinus syriacus
Length: 11-12.5 cm
Diet: Insects
Habitat: Breeds on Rocky mt slopes with trees and bushes .winters in Desert mountains and hillsides.
Common location: Spring and summer at the Hermon , winter at Sde Boker.
Notes: The Syrian serin is prettily coloured with bright yellow and pale grey feathers. The eyes are large and are surrounded by a bright yellow ring. The beak is grey and the legs are pale pinkish-grey. It has a long trilling call, and may also chirp and twitter. Common breeding summer visitor to Hermon,winters in Negev and Sinay Deserts