Simchat Torah Quiz

Simchat Torah 2018 in Israel will begin in the evening of Sunday 30th September

and ends in the evening of Monday 1st October


#1. The origin of Simchat Torah can be found in?

#2. What do some scholars believe Shemini Atzeret was devoted to in Temple times?

#3. On Simchat Torah children

#4. What do the circles around the synagogue on Simchat Torah represent, according to kabbalist tradition?

#5. Where is the haftarah for Simchat Torah chanted from?

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#6. What does Simchat Torah mean?

#7. On Simchat Torah the Torah reading includes

#8. What title is given to the person honored with the first aliyah of Genesis on Simchat Torah?

#9. Simchat Torah is traditionally what type of holiday?

#10. Which of the following prayers are said on Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah?

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#11. On Shemini Atzeret a short prayer for rain is inserted into the second blessing of the Amidah. This prayer for rain continues to be recited in the Amidah until when?