Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra is a popular tourist attraction located at the most north-western corner of Israel, the only point in the country where the sea meets the mountains. Visiting the site is suitable for families of all ages and is recommended all year round!

  • Points of Interest
    Grottos – A Stunning Natural Phenomenon
    Cable car
    Audiovisual Presentation
    Restaurant and snack bars with beautiful sea views

A short walk at the heart of the cliff reveals the grottos which are actually marine caves. The grottos were created following a series of subterranean tremors which cracked the rock. Rainwater flowing through these cracks and the gushing sea waves created this natural phenomenon, unique in Israel!
Guided tours conducted by Israel Nature and Parks Authority are given every 90 minutes beginning at 11 a.m. on Saturdays and holidays, from Passover to Succoth.

Cable car
The cable car route which is the shortest and steepest in the world, takes the visitors 70 meters down at a 60 degrees angle. The view from the cable car is nothing but magnificent.

Audiovisual Presentation
The sea, the mountains and what’s within them are revealed to the visitors in their full splendor. You will have the opportunity to learn about site’s history as well as on its varied fauna and flora.
The audiovisual presentation is suitable for all types of audience.

Restaurant overlooking the open sea, snack bars
Hatzok ‘The Cliff’ is a kosher restaurant facing the cable car with a spectacular view/

Rosh-Hanikra site is only partially accessible for those with disabilities. An access bridge, about 100 meters long, leading comfortably, in a spectacular view, to the cable-car which will take you down to the grottoes. The grottoes, due to its natural excavation in the rocks, are only partially accessible for handicapped. It is possible to go with a wheelchair down to the first grotto and watching it from above, and also partially of the second one. At this stage you should turn back with the wheelchair since the rest of the route involves a narrow passageway and stairs. The audio-visual show and W.C. are fully accessible.
It is recommended to tour the site wearing sports shoes or rubber-soled shoes that are not slippery.

By car – head north on Road 4 to the north-western most point of Israel, which is a 10 minute ride north of Nahariya.
By train or bus – Alight at the Nahariya Station, behind the train and bus stations. On Lohamei HaGettaot Street, there is a taxi stand to Rosh HaNikra and the surrounding area.

Tel: 073-2710100
Fax: 073-2710131

Opening Times
Summer weekdays: 09:00-18:00
Winter weekdays: 09:00-16:00
Friday and Holiday Eves: 09:00-16:00
Saturdays and Holidays: 09:00-18:00

Visiting the tourist site at Rosh HaNikra – Length of the visit is around an hour and a half
The ticket includes: Descending by cable car, watching the light-sound show, visiting the grottoes, observation from the cliff, which is shaped like an elephant, and the fossil-cliff, ascending by cable car.

Adults above 18 NIS 45
Children Children / pensioners / soldiers NIS 36