Rishon LeZion רִאשׁוֹן לְצִיּוֹן‎‎

Rishon LeZion is situated next to the Mediterranean shore in Israel’s central coastal plain, on the southern tip of the Tel Aviv conurbation. Rishon is Israel’s fourth largest city with population of nearly a quarter of a million. Established in 1882, Rishon LeZion was one of the first modern settlements in Israel, hence its name which literally means ‘First to Zion’.

Today Rishon LeZion’s main industries are wine, construction, services and commerce. There are two industrial areas, the old industrial zone in the north of the city and the new industrial zone in the west of the city. There two large shopping malls the Rothschild Centre in the old downtown centre and Gold Mall (Kenyon HaZahav) in the New West district.

Rishon LeZion offers the visitor a wide variety of historical, natural and entertainment sites including museums, historical reconstructions, beaches, parks and nature walks. There is an eclectic range of recreational activities for the whole family from cinemas, restaurants and bars to the Superland amusement park and Hai Kef zoo.