Red-Fronted Serin

Red-Fronted Serin has variable in plumage, adults resemble very dark redpolls. The foreparts are sooty and the forehead is red; juveniles have buff-brown heads. The call is a rapid, shrill "titihihihihihi", resembling that of a Linnet. The bird will breed in captivity and thrives on a diet of canary grass seed, millet, and other small seeds. They bathe daily if water is accessible.

Red-Fronted Serin 2

Common name: Red-Fronted Serin
Hebrew name: בזבוז אדום מצח
Latin Name: Serinus pusillus
Length: 11-12 cm
Diet: Insects
Habitat: Rocky hiil sides and mountains with scattered trees and bushes.
Common location: Wadi Rosh Pina
Notes: Rare winter visitor to north and eastern parts of the country