Marbled Polecat

Marbled Polecat 1.JPG

Name: Marbled Polecat
Latin Name: Vormela peregusna
Hebrew name: סמור, samur
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Distribution: Populates the Mediterranean region spreading into desert transition areas. The small number of records from the 1990s testifies to a population decline, possibly due to competitive exclusion by the beech marten that has expanded its distribution in Israel.
Habitat: The Mediterranean region, principally batha, garigue and open Mediterraniean woodland. The species extended into arid desert transition areas and to agricultural areas in the desert. Does not inhabit high, cold mountains (e.g. Mt. Hermon).
Notes: There is no detailed estimate of the population size in Israel. It has been estimated the Israeli population in the 1970s was 1000 or more.