Kibbutz Adamit was founded in August 1958 by members of Hashomer Hatzair, and was named after a Second Temple period town whose ruins were found in the area. The kibbutz was founded on an abandonded village, of Khirbat Iribbin. In 1967, the kibbutz had to be evacuated, and only Nahal groups remained. In 1971, the kibbutz was resettled by new immigrants from England, United States and Canada, after a year of training at kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek. During the 1980s, the kibbutz suffering from financial problems and was put under administrative receivership. Since the 1990s, a new build-your-own home neighborhood has grown up along the hillside.

Co-ords:  33°4′42.27″N 35°12′39.59″E