Haifa Cable Cars

The Haifa Cable Cars are located at the tip of Haifa that juts out into the Mediterranean. The provide fabulous views of the port and are a quick method of transportation. Climbing up from beside the Bat Galim Promenade all the way up to Stella Maris, the top of the Carmel ridge, the Haifa cable cars provide a view of Haifa and the bay that must be seen.

The Haifa Cable Cars are a prominent feature so finding them should not be a problem. The three Cable Cars can be seen from many areas in Haifa. At the bottom of the hill the cable cars are located across the highway.

Nearby are a number places of interest including the Clandestine Immigration & Navy Museum complete with the ships and submarine clearly visible from the cable car, the National Maritime Museum and Elijah’s Cave, of Biblical fame. At the top of the ride, in the wooded Carmel area, a monastery by the name of Stella Maris, Latin for ‘Star of the Sea’ can be found. Stretching back to the Crusader era, the monks originally inhabited the caves on the side of the mountain and some of the period buildings can still be seen near Elijah’s Cave. The monks were forced to flee until the time of Napoleon who ruled Haifa in the end of the 18th Century.

Haifa Cable Cars – View from Stella Maris
Be sure go on the Haifa Cable Cars if you are visiting Haifa, it gives a great sense of the geography of the port city seeing it at an angle different from that visible from the Louis Promenade or the Baha’i Gardens.

Opening Times:
Summer: 9am-8pm
Winter: 10am-6pm
Each way: NIS 19
Round-trip: NIS 28
Children above the age of 2 require tickets.

Telephone: 04-833-5970