Hadera  חֲדֵרָה‎

Hadera is located in the Haifa District in the northern Sharon region and is roughly 45 kilometers from both Tel Aviv and Haifa on Israeli Mediterranean Coastal Plain. The city has a population of about 92,000. It was established in 1891 as a moshav by members of the Zionist group, Hovevei Zion, from Lithuania and Latvia. By 1948 it had become a regional centre with a population of 11,800 and 1952 it was declared a city.

Hadera is an important economic centre with Israel’s first paper mill which was opened in 1953. In December 2009 the world’s largest desalination plant of its type located within the municipal borders, was inaugurated. Israel’s largest power station the Orot Rabin Power Plant is also located here.