There are 2,867 known species of plants in Israel. 253 of these non-native. The coastal plain and Sharon regions are especially rich in endemic species.
Red Everlasting Note: The red spheres are actually leaves enveloping a tiny yellow flower
Amazing rare Coal Peony found on Mt Meron
Hayne's Iris or Gilboa Iris found in Golan, Gilboa, Samarian mountains, Samarian desert between late February and late March.
Golan, Gallilee, Mediterranean coast, Northern valleys, Gilboa, Carmel, Samarian mountains, Samarian desert, Judean mountains, Judean desert and Dead Sea valley,
Round-Leafed Cyclamen found in the Golan and Galilee
The Petra Iris is one of the Royal Irises found in the Negev.
Protected wildflower in Israel found in the Northern area
Camphor weed yellow common wildflower widely found in sandy areas in Israel including Gallilee, Carmel, Sharon, Shefela, Northern Negev
Madonna Lily
Woody Sorrel: Galilee, Upper Jordan valley, Northern valleys, Gilboa, Carmel, Judean mountains, Sharon, Shefela,