Eurasian Otter


Name: Eurasian Otter
Latin Name: Lutra lutra
Hebrew name: לוטרה, lutra
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Distribution: Streams flowing in the Jordan River basin and fishpond areas in the Jordan basin and the Harod Valley.
Habitat: Relatively unpolluted streams, lakes and secondarily – fishponds, populated by fish, amphibians and crustaceans for food, as well as cover during the day – thickets.
Notes: During the 1920s and 1930s Eurasian otters were found in the coastal streams – in Nahal Soreq (Wadi Rubin) and the Yarqon River (Ilani 1979). During the 1950s Eurasian otters could still be found on the Carmel coast, but this population slowly deteriorated due to swamp drainage, stream impediment, hunting by fishermen and pollution . During the 1980s isolated individuals still remained in the Zevulun Valley in the En Nimfit-En Afeq area.