El Rom

El Rom, אֶל רוֹם, (To Height) is a kibbutz, in the northern Golan Heights. The kibbutz is situated about ten kilometres south of Mount Hermon, at an elevation of 1,050–1,070 meters.

The kibbutz was founded in 1971 by settlers from the Machanot HaOlim Zionist youth movement. Although they had intended to settle in Beit HaArava in the southern Jordan River Valley, they were eventually persuaded to move to the Golan Heights.

The primary industry is agriculture. Crops include apples, pears, strawberries, grapes for wine. A cider house producing British-style alcoholic cider operates on the kibbutz. TheyEl-Rom_Cherries_IMG_5786.JPG also raise cattle for food, and chickens. In 1984, the kibbutz established El Rom Studios to provide an alternative employment opportunities and revenue stream. The studios command a large share of the market for adding subtitles as well as other translation services for film and television. In Israel, since foreign language movies and TV programs are rarely dubbed, there is a constant need to provide these services.