Beit Yigal Allon

Beit Yigal Allon is a museum named in honour of the late Israeli statesman and military commander, Yigal Allon. The museum displays the story of how the Jewish people met the challenges involved in returning to the land of their forefathers, the Zionist settlement movement, the development of a Jewish defense force, the roots and creation of a new culture, the dilemmas faced and the struggle for a high-quality life together of Jews, Christians and Moslems.

JesusBoatBeit Yigal Allon is responsible for the preservation and display of the ancient which sailed the Sea of Galilee in the 1st century CE. It  is a medium-sized fishing boat, which sailed the sea of Galilee in that critical period for human civilization, the first century CE. It is a symbol of the dramatic time and an inspiration for all who see it. The boat is made of wood. Its preservation in the fresh water lake for so many centuries.
The exhibition space is equipped with a sophisticated climate-control system that ensures optimal environmental conditions for conservation of the boat. The display of the Jesus Boat is designed to give the visitor an intimate, moving encounter with this unique finding. The accompanying narration and displays tell the story of the boat’s discovery, its removal from the lake and its conservation.

The art gallery at Beit Yigal Allon presents revolving exhibitions of contemporary art.