Beit Hashomer Museum

Beit Hashomer Museum was founded in 1968 in kibbutz Kfar-Giladi in order to present the history of Hashomer and Bar-Giora groups and their role in the settlement, weapon collection and defending the Yishuv. It focuses on two topics: The development of the Defense Force in Israel and the settlement in the Galilee and the Galilee panhandle. The museum was founded by the last Hashomer members, led by Meir Spector, Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi and Nachum Horovitz.

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The building was planned as a kind of watchtower overlooking the Galilee panhandle and the Tel-Hai Courtyard. A rich collection of items depict Hashomer life and the period: Photos, an audio-visual diorama, a slide kit, a collection of weapons, flags, full attire and Hashomer member certificates.

The museum contains a collection of statues by Batya Lishansky. An activity entitled, ‘Founders as reflected in the history and art’, takes place around the founders’ statues. The museum features the Hashomer archive and a reading room.

The programs – the museum offers experiential programs for teaching Hashomer legacy and the Second Aliyah suited for children and youth, which are accompanied by work sheets, quizzes, Morse code, dramatization and more.

A vista point on site overlooks the Galilee panhandle, Mt. Chermon, Ramat-Hagolan and Tel-Hai courtyard. A 15-minute audio-visual presentation is screened as well as a diorama about the battle of Tel-Hai. Off-site tours can be booked in advance to other museums; Slikim (Arms cashes); the Founders’ Courtyard in Kfar-Giladi; Hashomer gravesites and ‘The Roaring Lion’ site. A gallery of changing exhibitions on topics related to the museum program. A new exhibition is currently under planning, and will be opened to the public next year. The museum is part of the Museum Unit of the Defense Office.

Address: ‘Beit Hashomer’ Museum, Kibbutz Kfar-Giladi 12210

Tel: 04-6941565

Fax: 04-6951505

Director: Batya Guy

Visiting Hours:

Sunday-Thursday 08:-16:00; Friday 08:00-12:00; Saturday – advanced booking for groups only.

Holidays: Free on Independence Day.

Duration of visit: 1 -1½ Hours.

On site guidance: Advanced booking for groups only.

Entrance fee: Entrance fee is charged Introductory material is available as well as books and postcards.

Directions: From Kiryat-Shmonah towards Metullah, turn left as per signage and take the first turn right.