Moshav Almagor was founded in 1961 by the army’s Nachal Brigade. Nahal Almagor is the site of famous battles between Syria and Israel.
The Nachal is comprised of volunteers whose military service includes agricultural work. Since its establishment the Nachal has built settlements on all of Israel’s frontiers, breaking ground and preparing sites for civilian population. Until 1967 the Syrians frequently fired on Almagor. The statue at the junction in front of the moshav honours two soldiers killed in 1963 by a mine while they were working in the fields. Almagor was turned over to civilians in 1965 despite the security threat.
After the 1948 War of Independence it was hoped that the Arabs would accept the existence of the State of Israel. However, in May 1951 Israel discovered that the Syrians had advanced west of the armistice line at Almagor, taking several hills on the Israeli side. In a four-day battle Israel recovered the hills at a cost of 40 killed and 72 wounded. The Syrian invasion convinced Israel’s leadership to review its priorities.
Today Almagor cultivates exotic subtropical crops such as litchis, which thrive in the warm climate and the rich basalt soil.

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