Abraham Hertzfeld

Abraham Hertzfeld was a pioneer and a founder of the Labor Unity party and one of the founders of the Histadrut. Herzfeld known activist for settling the Land of Israel and his dedication to the establishment of settlements.

He was born Avraham Fosterbakko in the town of Stavishcha near Kiev. He studied at the yeshivas of Berdychiv and Telz and was ordained a rabbi.

In his youth he was active in organizations of the Socialist Zionist movement, and as a result was banned by the Russian authorities and exiled to Siberia. He managed to escape from Siberia using a passport bearing the name Avraham Herzfeld. After immigrating to Palestine in 1914, during the Second Aliyah, he began working as an agricultural laborer in Petah Tikva and was a member of the Poalei Zion party led by David Ben-Gurion.

During the First World War, he assisted the underground movement operating in the country, such as Nili , who were persecuted by the ruling authorities of the Ottoman Empire. He participated in the evacuation of the wounded after the Battle of Tel Hai.

Herzfeld is one of the founders of the Ahdut HaAvodah party founded in 1919. He was one of the initiators of the establishment of the Histadrut (established in 1920), and served for 40 years on the management of the agricultural centre, which first acted as an independent body of the pioneers and workers of the Second Aliyah, and later as part of the Histadrut. He became one of the prominent public figures who were active in establishing settlement the country.

Following the Six Day War Herzfeld supported the settlement in all parts of the country occupied by Israel during the war. Herzfeld served as a member of Knesset on behalf of Mapai Since the introduction of the first to fifth Knesset. In 1972 he was awarded the ‘Contribution to Society and the State’.