Archaeological Gardens

TiberiasOfficeIn the gardens are the ancient remnants of the city of Tiberias, from the time of the city’s establishment by Herod Antipas in the 1st century CE and until the time of the Fatimid dynasty in the 11th century CE. This impressive park presents the glorious past of the city of Tiberias and offers the public a green corner which includes a set of paths, unique gardens and archaeological finds, such as the ancient fort and a thousand years old drainage system.
There is a mosaic which was part of the floor of an ancient synagoge dating back to talmudic times. The mosaic shows a Greek inscription in the mosaic floor reads ‘Proculos Kristos Eteken’, ‘Proculus Kristos Built’. The style of the mosaic and lettering suggest the late Byzantine period.
There is a walking tour every Friday morning to points of interest in the town.
Location: Next to the Leonardo Hotel