Rujm el-Hiri

The prehistoric stone monument of Rujm el-Hiri or Gilgal Refaim is one of Israel’s most mysterious sites. It went unnoticed for centuries in the Golan Heights.

Archaeologists have dated it to 5,000 years old – making it roughly the same age as Stonehenge in Wiltshire – but they still don’t know who built it, or why. Theories include an ancient calendar, or a burial site in which dead bodies were placed on top of stone mounds to be picked apart by vultures.


Names: Rujm el-Hiri , رجم الهري‎‎, Rujm al-Hīrī, גִּלְגַּל רְפָאִים‎ Gilgal Refā’īm or Rogem Hiri